Step into your Ultimate Chill

Ready to step into your true nature of calm, ease, and bliss?

The Ultimate Chill will help you release stress and restore your sense of wellbeing so you can feel lighter, happier, and more like yourself. 

A special combination of relaxing meditations, gentle movements, and stress-busting breathwork, this program is your pathway to ease and calm.  

You'll receive:

🙏🏼 Deep chill: returning to bliss - A deeply restoring meditation to reconnect you with the peace and bliss that lie at the core of your being (value: $97)
Long-term chill - A sacred healing practice to release deeply held trauma, stress, and chronic tension in the body. (value: $197)
🙏🏼 Instant chill: calm on demand - A simple and powerful breathing practice to instantly soothe the nervous system and bring you back into a state of calm and harmony (value: $27)
🙏🏼 Bedtime chill - a
 bedtime routine to soothe the body and mind for a deep and restful sleep, including gentle yoga, breathwork, and guided body & mind relaxation (value: $197)
Universal chill: a mudra to reconnect - This gentle practice will help you soothe and balance the nervous system and uplift your spirit, so that you can feel calm and connected to both yourself and life  (value: $27)

Plus a calming meditation to help you release stored tension in your body and calm your mind (value: $47)

You'll also discover the difference between chronic and momentary stress, and when to use your new tools to shift yourself back to centered and calm.

Total value: $592

Your price: $111

What others are saying

"Love the ultimate chill!!! Thank you & Thank you! It has everything you need reminds me of a first aid kit. A tool box everyone needs for days when support is needed" - Abigail

"Deep chill is absolutely gorgeous, I gravitated to exactly what inner self knew I needed -- the "Returning To Bliss Meditation" and I love it.  I've been listening to it before I get out of bed in the morning, and it is so everything, and exactly what I need." - Keisha



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