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This is where I’m supposed to write an eye-catching phrase that gets you to keep reading

But I don’t want to use marketing tricks or persuasion hacks on you.

Not here. Not for this.

I’d rather tell you directly - from my heart to yours:

This is the group of my dreams and I suspect it may be of yours too.  


Because deep people need deep spaces.

We can’t swim in the shallow waters for long - all that splashing around about status, positioning, goals, and achievements makes us feel tired and grumpy.

We just don’t care. We know it doesn’t really matter - not to us anyway.


We crave meaning.

We crave stillness.

We crave the calm, silent depths of our souls, where we can open up to Life and be filled with a simultaneous wave of belonging and reckless wonder.

Like we’re finally free, yet in way too deep.

Because we are.

You and I are the meaning-makers of the world

That is no small order.

Perhaps you’ve been told to act normal.
Pressured to toughen up.
Shamed for being introspective or into metaphysical ‘nonsense’.
As if a few crystals or a curiosity about energy is worse than being locked out of your connection to the mysteries of life by your own judgemental mind.

But still you’re here - holding the torch of what you know in your heart is true:

⭐️ There is more to life than the daily grind.

⭐️ Inner peace is your natural state.

⭐️ You are capable of more than you could ever imagine - or perhaps whatever you imagine.

So you carry on in your day-to-day routine, surviving the shallows and dreaming of deep water.

If this is you,

welcome home...

BecomingYOUniversity is the space you’ve been craving





We are a community dedicated to helping you remember who you really are and expand in yourself and your truth, so you can bring more of YOU forward.

BecomingYOUniversity is for  

✓ You... 9-5er longing to remember life has more meaning than climbing the corporate ladder and feel whole and connected to yourself and others.

✓ You... business owner drowning in the flood of to-do items and craving a simple space to reconnect with yourself and the soul of service.

✓ You... spiritual aspirant seeking guidance, connection, and the challenge to dig deeper and go further.

✓ And you...everyday soul feeling empty, unhappy, lost, or alone and ready to re-ignite a sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

Together we are the brave souls on the path to inner freedom.

When you join us, you become part of a vibrant community of genuine people, who know that meaning comes from connecting - to ourselves, Life, and each other.

We support each other each month in 3 simple ways:

Live monthly Q&A

Live monthly Q&A calls to share experiences, ask questions, and help you navigate your unique challenges and circumstances.

Weekly inspiration

Weekly inspiration from Alexis to help you focus & stay connected to your truth and joy even when life gets busy. This message is tailored to what you most need to hear to connect, expand, and deepen in your soul’s journey.

Simple monthly practice

A simple, suggested monthly practice curated by Alexis to center, ground, and challenge yourself to expand your capacity to live in truth with joy.

Plus, the daily gift of being seen, accepted, and supported in the fullness of who you are, so you can step into becoming YOU with more confidence, conviction, and courage.


Say YES to Your Soul

Weekly inspiration, monthly live Q&A, centering monthly practice, and heart-opening support

About Alexis

Hi! I am many things, the foremost of which is thrilled to be here with you. Like many people, I spent years walking this path alone, trying to create more joy, meaning, and purpose in my life. What I discovered is that connection is the key that unlocks the door to your happiness - connection to your heart, your soul's truth, your greater Source, and our shared community. 

This is my labor of love.

But I was just scared. Scared to be ME, scared to be seen, and even more scared to be loved and accepted. 

It was easier to hold back - from myself, Life, and others - than face how undeserving I felt of love, happiness, and affection.

But this love story has a happy ending.

My deeper wisdom would not let me close, and when I could not stomach another pretty-as-a-picture social media post pretending I was the happy, successful woman I seemed, my heart broke open and I discovered another way.

Authentic connection will bring you home.

Now I cultivate connection - to you, within you, within myself, and between us all. I'm bringing all of my skills to the table - years as an award-winning strategist in the U.S. government, 1000+ hours teaching yoga and meditation, 5+ years of soul-level coaching - to help people like you & me root our lives in genuine joy and meaning, together. 

This is our path to inner freedom.

Share the journey with me.  

Join Becoming YOUniversity now

Weekly inspiration, monthly live Q&A, centering monthly practice, and soul-expanding support

Members also enjoy...

Discounts on programs

You receive special, members-only savings on programs like the 30-day Breaking Belief Challenge, Discover Your Purpose self-study course, group masterminds, and private coaching.

Six guided meditations

These 6 Yoga Nidra mediations will help you clear and balance your energetic system, so you feel more peaceful, light, and centered.

One for each chakra, they will help you: 

💛Ground yourself with safety & support
💛Energize your creativity, $ & desire
💛Strengthen your boundaries & willpower
💛Open to love and compassion 
💛Speak your truth 
💛Awaken your intuition

Bonus 5-day journey to love

To help you fully receive the gifts & support of the BecomingYOUniversity community, this bonus 5-day video course will walk you step-by-step through opening to more support, connection, and love in your life.

"I am madly, deeply, truly, profoundly grateful that you came into my life when you did, Alexis, and I know that not only will my life never be the same from this point forward, but it is also going to be so much better than it has ever been before!"


"Thank you for sharing your wisdom and amazingness. You blow my mind. Every. time. I. hear. you. speak."


"You are honest-to-god the most talented coach I've ever worked with"


"I don't believe I have ever felt so well heard in my life"


"Alexis, I cannot thank you enough for your support and brilliance!"


"Thank-you for your passion, enthusiasm, honesty and genuine heart. Knowing you, I understand how much helping your clients actually means to you."


Join Becoming YOUniversity now

Weekly inspiration, monthly live Q&A, centering monthly practice, and soul-expanding support


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