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"Alexis is an absolute master at soul level work that will create a blueprint for EVERYTHING else in your life."

Money Mindset Mentor

"Originally hiring you was one of the best ways I've ever spent my money. You're so efficient, caring, and supportive. Thank you for being my shoulder to lean on during this journey. You're amazing!!!"

CEO, Writer, Life Purpose Expert

"Alexis believes in mankind and I like to think of her as someone who could always soothe somebody's heart and make them see the glass half full again. Making the world a better place Alexis is!"


"What I like about with working with Alexis is that I feel I am a better person and better connected with people. I feel I am more wholesome."



Hi! I'm Alexis - Leading soul activation expert and transformational teacher.

I help people like you break free from who you're "supposed" to be and discover who you REALLY are.

Because life is too short to waste another second faking it, struggling, or feeling confused. 

I invite you to step into your truth and BECOME the person you already are at your core: 

Calm, confident, clear, loving, and grateful for the gifts in your life.

Over the past 10 years, I've honed my skills as a strategist, intuitive, and mind-body healer.

I spent years as an award-winning strategist in the U.S. government, advising U.S. Ambassadors, foreign dignitaries, the White House, and members of Congress.

Now I use all my strengths – from strategic visioning to 10+ years teaching yoga and meditation – to help you connect with the truth of who you are and come home to the bliss of being you.

Join me in your journey to becoming YOU!

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