Welcome to Becoming YOUniversity!

Where truth-seekers gather to awaken, expand, and feel confident, calm, & FREE!

You are meant to be FREE

But that is no small order.

You need daily support - inside and out.

You need:

Confidence to be who you are --> and safe space to figure out what that means.

Courage to share what you know is true --> and gentle reminders to let go of the habits draining your soul. 

Clarity on what's important --> and insight into what's pulling you away from your purpose. 

Because you know in your heart:

⭐️ You are meant for a life of inner freedom, beauty, and love.

⭐️ You are capable of more than you could ever imagine or perhaps whatever you imagine.

⭐️ Your natural state is calm at peace, calm, and blissfully content.

Ready to become the person you're CRAVING to be in your soul??

To UNLEASH your truth and become the joy, love, and playfulness you feel in your heart?

If so,

welcome home...

BecomingYOUniversity is the space you’ve been craving





Remember who you really are and ignite your truth in body, mind, & spirit. 

Whether you are  

✓ A 9-5er longing to feel passionate and inspired.

✓ A business owner drowning in the flood of to-do items and craving a simple space to feel whole and connected to yourself and the soul of service.

✓ A spiritual seeker looking for clarity, guidance, and support on your journey.

✓ A lost soul feeling empty and confused and ready to ignite your confidence and clarity.

This is where you belong.

"I am madly, deeply, truly, profoundly grateful that you came into my life when you did, Alexis, and I know that not only will my life never be the same from this point forward, but it is also going to be so much better than it has ever been before!"


"Thank you for sharing your wisdom and amazingness. You blow my mind. Every. time. I. hear. you. speak."


"You are honest-to-god the most talented coach I've ever worked with"


"I don't believe I have ever felt so well heard in my life"


"Alexis, I cannot thank you enough for your support and brilliance!"


"Thank-you for your passion, enthusiasm, honesty and genuine heart. Knowing you, I understand how much helping your clients actually means to you."


What You'll Discover

Moving beyond fears

Step into your courage by using your fears to live with greater purpose and compassion

Making friends with your ego

Heal the myth that you are a barrier to transcend and open to your natural state of embodied awareness

Opening to presence

Let go of old stories and habits keeping you stuck in worry, stress, and fear, and awaken your inner calm

Awakening your purpose

Embrace your passion and ignite the fire within by tapping into your highest self

Leading your life

Boldly claim who you are and what matters to you - and then learn how to choose YOU in small steps every day

Choosing joy from within

Tap into the well of wholeness, peace, and joy at your core and expand your capacity to feel good and be happy

BecomingYOUniversity will help you awaken to your natural state of peace, calm, and joy.

Each month you'll receive...

Mind-body practice

The mind, body, and breath awaken together. These guided monthly practices will help you gently release old habits, open your heart, and expand your energy, so that you feel lighter, happier, and centered in your truth.

Inspired guidance

Ever start a new habit and then give up a few days later? These weekly injects of inspiration will help you stay centered in YOU - even when life gets busy. Like a quick shot of clarity & love, you'll be challenged to expand into yourself with more confidence and compassion.

Live Q&A calls

Big shifts happen when you show up and invite them in. These live monthly calls are your chance to ask questions, get real-time coaching on your most pressing issues, learn from fellow group members, and expand your mind with new ideas.

Plus personal coaching in the private group, so you can be YOU with more confidence, compassion, and courage.

(Yes, you read that right - you get personal coaching in the private Facebook® group every.single.day. for less than the price of a month of lattes)


Say YES to Your Soul

Get personal support, weekly inspiration, live Q&A calls, centering monthly practices, and deep connection in a soul-aligned community - all for less than a month of lattes

Hi! I'm Alexis

Like many people, I spent years walking this path alone, trying to create more joy, meaning, and purpose in my life. What I discovered is that connection is the key that unlocks the door to your happiness - connection to your heart, your soul's truth, your greater Source, and our shared community. 

But I was scared.

Scared to be ME, scared to be seen, and even more scared to be loved and accepted. 

It was easier to hold back - from myself, Life, and others - than face how undeserving I felt of love, happiness, and affection.

But this love story has a happy ending.

My deeper wisdom would not let me close, and when I could not stomach another pretty-as-a-picture social media post pretending I was the happy, successful woman I seemed, my heart broke open and I discovered another way.

Authentic connection will bring you home.

Now I help you show up authentically - to learn who you are, how to be present with yourself, and how to BE the calm, happy, content person you know you're meant to be. I'm bringing all of my skills to the table to help you - years as an award-winning strategist in the U.S. government, 10+ years teaching yoga and meditation, and 6 years of soul coaching. Together, you will root your lives in genuine joy and meaning. 

This is our path to inner freedom.

Share the journey with me.  

Join Becoming YOUniversity now

Get personal support, weekly inspiration, live Q&A calls, centering monthly practices, and deep connection in a soul-aligned community - all for less than a month of lattes

You'll also get these Bonuses

Discounts on programs

You receive special, members-only savings on programs like the 30-day Breaking Belief Challenge, Discover Your Purpose self-study course, group masterminds, and private coaching.

6 guided meditations

These 6 Yoga Nidra mediations will help you clear and balance your energetic system, so you feel more peaceful, light, and centered.

One for each chakra, they will help you: 

💛Ground yourself with safety & support
💛Energize your creativity, $ & desire
💛Strengthen your boundaries & willpower
💛Open to love and compassion 
💛Speak your truth 
💛Awaken your intuition

Bonus 5-day journey to love

To help you fully receive the gifts & support of BecomingYOUniversity, this bonus 5-day video course will help you open to receiving more support, connection, and love in your life.

Join Becoming YOUniversity now

Get personal support, weekly inspiration, live Q&A calls, centering monthly practices, and deep connection in a soul-aligned community - all for less than a month of lattes

Frequently Asked Questions

A place to learn, practice, and awaken to your highest self. No one is short on the knowledge or tools - plus nowadays you can search online for everything from breathing practices to how to break bad habits. But knowing what to do and how to do it isn't enough. You've got to know what tools are right for you, how to break through your resistance and fears, and then actually do the thing that helps.

BecomingYOUniversity is the place where you practice being who you're meant to be. It's where you tie all the pieces together, finally breakthrough old habits and beliefs you didn't think would ever budge, and start living with more ease, clarity, and confidence. In Becoming YOUniversity, you'll see yourself and your life in a new light, learn how to navigate challenges that previously kept you stuck for years, and open to the ease and bliss of being you. 


BecomingYOUniversity is right for you if:

  • You know in your heart you're meant to feel happy, content, at peace, and confident in who you are
  • You struggle with racing thoughts, being hard on yourself, following through on your choices (we're looking at you gym membership and evening snack attack...), or judging yourself.
  • You've tried other things before but get inspired and then forget or lose interest or quit.
  • You're craving to be around people who get you - people you can feel safe around and show up as your true self.
  • You're ready to be your true self and love who you are!

It doesn't matter if you've tried every self-help technique under the sun or are totally new to your spiritual journey. You will find the guidance, support, and community you need to deepen into yourself and live the life you're meant to live.

All the content and materials are in an online portal, so you can access them anytime from anywhere you have internet on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You get access to the current month and previous months, plus you can download the guided practices to enjoy again and again. You can also join our private Facebook® group to connect with others, ask questions, get live updates from Alexis, and share your experience.

There are no contracts or monthly minimums. You may cancel at any time.

If you select an annual subscription, you can cancel anytime within that year, and you will not be charged for any future years. Please note, you will not be refunded for your current year or any remaining time within that 12-month timeframe.

If you select a monthly subscription, you can cancel any time before your monthly membership renews, and you will not be charged for any future months. 

All of the weekly inspiration, monthly practices, and Q&A call recordings are available in the online portal. Our monthly calls are via Zoom. Any other bonus materials - like Masterclasses, workshops, or meditations - are posted in the online portal.

Your time in BecomingYOUniversity is what you make of it! There's no homework, no expectations, and definitely no pressure.

BYU is built on the motto: "Trust life". That means we trust whatever life brings you - whether that's unexpected busyness, unplanned circumstances, or a wide-open calendar. Your soul knows the perfect next step for you and is giving you the exact experience you need right now to become your best self. 

Plus, we've noticed the more you engage with the BYU community, the better you feel and the more you want to be there!

An experienced yoga teacher once told me, "I will always give you more than you can do at any one time. Because the new people will only catch a little bit, the experienced people need more depth, and no one knows which piece will inspire you to a whole new awakening."

The goal of BecomingYOUniversity, or any part of your spiritual journey, is not to absorb content. It's to selectively choose what you need most, learn to trust yourself and your relationship with life, and reach out for expert support when you need it. That's what we're here to give you - on your terms and on your schedule.

You also have access to all the content - current and previous months - in the online portal.

Yes! I believe that the feelings of struggle, worry, confusion, and frustration arise when you’re out of integrity with yourself. The intensity of those emotions reflects the distance you’re out of integrity. BecomingYOUniversity helps you gain clarity and be honest with yourself, so you can honor and live your truth instead of fighting and avoiding it.

Because you are already whole. What we call healing is actually a remembering of who and what you already are.

In yoga, we describe it like a brilliant light. You are the light - shining brightly. Your light can't be dimmed, nor does it need to change or brighten. When you're feeling lost and confused, your clear light has merely been muted, as if buried under blankets.

Your journey to remembering (and becoming you) is a process of removing what is getting in the way of you seeing and realizing your brilliance. You don't have to add, perfect, earn, or prove anything. There is no "there" to get to and you have no one to answer to; this is not a competition. You’re already whole, and BecomingYOUniversity will help you embrace your wholeness, so you can feel more calm, clear, and confident. 

Perfect! BecomingYOUniversity will be your new favorite place. When you've been at this awhile, it's easy to fall into a rut doing practices that aren't working for you, bouncing from one teacher to the next trying to find something that sticks, and feeling like happiness and contentment are a never-ending journey (that's really, really, really long).

BYU is different. As a world-class strategist and experienced meditation & yoga teacher, I help you cut through the b.s. It's not about the technique - it's about who you're being. 

It's about how honest you're being with yourself. It's about how open you are. It's about how willing you are to EMBODY the truth that you already are. 

I help you move beyond the fears, hurt, and worries that are stopping you from being you true self, and embrace the bliss you already are. Then you can stop trying, striving, and practicing and just enjoy being - and becoming - you.

Join BecomingYOUniversity

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⭐️Weekly inspiration

⭐️Live Q&A calls

⭐️Monthly mind-body practices

⭐️Private Facebook® group for daily support





⭐️Weekly inspiration

⭐️Live Q&A calls

⭐️Monthly mind-body practices

⭐️Private Facebook® group for daily support


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