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You're not here to play small, my love...
You're here to be fully you!


Live Your Truth is an unparalleled journey to help you go from feeling confused, stuck, and unsafe to follow your dreams -- to feeling clear, confident, and comfortable in your own skin.


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Over one soul-liberating year, you'll move through 6 core transformations...


1. Awakening Soul-level Joy

Identifying patterns that disrupt the flow of energy and expansion in your life + opening the body & mind to a deeper, more vibrant joy.


2. Calming the Drama Tornados

Getting honest about fears and the ways you dull, shrink, and hide your light + stepping into embodied & compassionate presence.


3. Embracing Your Soul's Vision & Purpose

Gain clarity on who you are and what you're here to create and embody, so you can start showing up fully as you.


4. Making Peace with Your Inner Child 

How to stop being ruled by fears, coping mechanisms, and trauma responses, so that you can make empowered choices and trust yourself again.


5. Aligning with Life 

Dismantling beliefs and habits that keep you stuck resisting the flow of life, so that you can free your energy and start creating miracles.


6. Integrating Your Shadow

Embracing your full self and healing the not-worthy fear, so that you can always find your way back to shining your light in life's storms.


Plus you'll have access to supporting courses and masterclasses to hold you through every stage of the journey, including

  • Better Boundaries for Empaths
  • Strengthening the voice of your Intuition
  • Restoring Safety in the Nervous System
  • Inner Allegiance & Heart healing (to stop abandoning yourself)
  • Naming and Claiming Your Values
  • Embodying Your Essence - physically re-aligning your body to embrace your soul


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Previous members have noticed inner shifts like...

  • Feeling more present with their kids
  • Letting things go more easily 
  • Not giving energy to things that aren't worthwhile or priorities
  • Healing family trauma and freeing future generations from ancestral patterns
  • Letting other people think whatever they want without trying to justify or prove yourself
  • Feeling more comfortable at family functions
  • Having more energy and feeling happier
  • Trusting your intuition and no longer feeling exhausted by self-doubt and second-guessing
  • Feeling calmer and less stressed in the body
  • Carving out more time for creativity

and made massive life changes like...

  • A busy entrepreneur and mother making space for her inspiration and joy --> Started creating art, shelved her business, then received divine inspiration for an entirely new product that's never been seen before, and launched a new business from a place of ease and vision.
  • A newly single mother of 2 ready to reclaim herself --> sky-rocketed her joy and self-esteem, certified as a meditation teacher and recently received a government grant to provide meditation classes within her refugee community.
  • A burnt-out exec wondering what comes next and how to soften into support from her new love --> quit her job, moved across the country, and launched a healing business after allowing herself to be supported by her partner while she took time off.
  • A creative genius stepping into new leadership while healing from trauma --> broke free from the tyranny of expectations, gifted herself space to heal and explore, moved 1200 miles, and recently started working in a new field that's creatively fulfilling.
  • A school social worker struggling with anxiety, exhaustion, and overwhelm --> found deep love for herself, applied for (and got!) her dream job, and launched a side business with energy to spare. 
  • A newly separated creative spirit feeling broken by rage and shame --> awakened grace and compassion within, learned to communicate with love, and recently gifted herself a new start in a tropical paradise!

Your journey is unique but the destination is the same -- deep, abiding love for yourself and the freedom to be YOU , at peace and on purpose.

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Live Your Truth starts in January 2023!

You'll receive:

  • Lifetime access to the program
  • The proven Soul Strategy™ process to gain clarity on your purpose
  • 12 x group coaching calls - one each month
  • 5+ supporting courses to embody your truth on a cellular level
  • Private Facebook® community to support your evolution
  • 12 months access to the Healing Library including 12 x LIVE group healings sessions
  • A supportive community like no other!  

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