You have a purpose.

It is time for you to live it.

It is time for you to feel clear, happy, and fulfilled.

Do you feel spiritually unfulfilled, confused about your purpose, or unhappy - even though your life is pretty good?

If so, welcome! You are in the right place.

Let me paint you a familiar picture:

You grow up doing everything right. You do well in school, go to a good college, and get a good job.

You work your way up the ladder, maybe get married and have kids. You buy a house and a car, and do well at your profession.

But in the back of your mind there is a small voice that keeps saying “There is supposed to be something more”. You are supposed to feel more. Be more.

No”, you think. “I worked too hard to earn this life. I’m not going to just throw it away on a whim.”

So you push those thoughts away and keep going through your day-to-day routine, hoping someday you will feel satisfied and truly happy.


If this sounds like you, then I am here to tell you:

Some day is not coming.

Not because you are not talented, capable, deserving, or worthy. You are.

But because you cannot create soul-level satisfaction doing the same-old, surface-level things.

You have to dig deeper.

You have to connect with the core of who you really are - your soul’s truth, joy, and desire - so that you finally stop waiting for happiness to happen to you and actively create your own purposeful, joy-filled life right now.

That does NOT mean you have to leave your job, partner, or family and become a monk who meditates in caves. It does NOT mean you have to have a breakdown, buy a sports car, or trek across country on foot to find yourself again.

All that stereotypical crisis stuff is what happens when you DON’T know what The Soul System™ will help you discover.

It means that instead of living your life the same old way hoping that you will feel different (the definition of insanity, btw), you change how you think, feel, and show up in your life.

That is what The Soul System™ helps you do.

This step-by-step process helps you clarify your unique purpose and how to live it everyday through aligned, good-feeling actions, so that your daily life actually feeds your soul, instead of stifling it.

Because when you know how to create soul-level joy from within, you have the key to creating the meaningful, fulfilling, passionate life of your dreams.

Sound too good to be true?

If I were in your shoes, I would think so too. In fact, I was in your shoes. Like so many people, I thought my purpose was synonymous with my job title, so when I found myself at the top of my game, having achieved everything I ever dreamed of at only 29, I felt lost. Wasn't I supposed to be happy?

So over the next few years, I went searching for purpose, meaning, and happiness - spending tens of thousands of dollars on healers, trainings, and coaches. I sold my house, quit my job, took 800+ hours of yoga training, and moved from DC to a secluded mountaintop in New Zealand.

Then a funny thing happened...

While I was looking for my own soul's truth, I started helping friends and local business owners get clear on their big visions. Helping people get clear, prioritize, and take aligned action came easily for me after years as an award-winning strategist in the U.S. government.

I had been on a team developing a revolutionary new way to create big plans for big efforts like international and domestic crises, and advised U.S. Ambassadors, foreign dignitaries and members of Congress.

Now this cutting-edge system was working for individuals to clarify & live their purpose too!

Since then, I have refined and shared this system with 100+ soul-centered people to help them feel good and live their calling.

The steps you will go through in The Soul System™ are not guesswork. I am a strategist and this a strategic framework to get you clear and taking aligned action. I use all my strengths – strategic planning, intuition, and 1000+ hours teaching yoga and meditation – to connect you with the knowledge, wisdom, and tools you need to live your dreams.

It is normal to feel skeptical yet hopeful when you have been wondering what your purpose is for a while. Feeling frustrated and confused for a long time can eat away at your optimism and lead you to wonder if it is even possible to feel clear and happy.

It is. And I am going to show you how.


Here is how it works:

The Soul System™ is a 5-step process to help you strategically design your life to create joy and meaning ON PURPOSE.

You will discover exactly which types of activities you need in your everyday life to build a daily foundation of joy, so you are not just shooting in the air hoping to hit happiness someday. Instead, you have a deliberate and intentional plan to infuse your life with meaning and joy NOW.

Through this process, you will discover:

  • What you truly want for yourself and your life.
  • What happiness means - and looks like - for your soul.
  • Which activities help you feel fulfilled & meaningful.
  • How you can live & feel on purpose every day.

Plus you will be able to take action and gain clarity right away. As soon as you join, you have access to all 5 steps - no waiting or slow weekly reveal - so that you can go through them all at once or set at your own pace.


Each step in The Soul System™ includes:

  1. A deep-dive video introduction - This video lays the foundation for the step and explains why The Soul System™ will work for you, even if other methods failed you before. 
  2. A written overview - This outlines the most important take-aways and shifts needed to succeed, as well as shares suggestions on what to do if you are struggling or unsure.
  3. Meditations, worksheets, examples, and/or support guides - This is where pen meets paper so you can discover your soul's vision, unique purpose, and what brings you deep soul-level joy.

Plus, the meditations & worksheets are fully downloadable - and fillable online - so you can take your soul's work anywhere you go. 

Step 1: Reveal your soul's vision

Go straight to the core of who you really are by discovering your soul’s unique vision of the world. In this step, you will gain clarity on what makes you you versus all the other humans and what your soul is really trying to create in this life.

- Soul's Vision Meditation
- SoulTruth Worksheet
+ 2 additional visioning methods to ensure your success

Step 2: Discover your purpose

In this step, you will discover the revolutionary new way of defining purpose that frees you from endlessly searching for the right career or job title, and points you straight at your unique focus in the world. This new way of conceptualizing your purpose allows you to forgive yourself for the past, feel empowered by your current struggles, and become who you are most meant to be. 

- SoulCalling Worksheet

Step 3: Set your soul's beacons

Intellectually knowing your purpose is helpful, but to feel fulfilled, you also have to know what it feels like to live with meaning, purpose and joy. In this step, you will get clear on what happiness actually means and feels like for your soul, so that you know exactly which feelings you need to create every day.

- SoulDesire & SoulJoy Meditation
- SoulDesire Worksheet

Step 4: Find your soul's happy place

In this step, you will hone in on the specific activities and elements that equal joy for your soul. Because once you are clear on how you can create joy for your soul, then you have a reliable way to infuse your life with meaning and purpose every day.

- SoulJoy Worksheet
- SoulDesire & SoulJoy Examples info sheet to help you succeed

Step 5: Feed your soul daily

The biggest hurdle to living your purpose is closing the gap between your big dreams and your daily actions. In this step, you will commit to doing the small daily actions that fill you with vibrancy, joy, and happiness. Because when you build your life around what feeds your soul, you set yourself up for success on the deepest level.

- SoulSupport Worksheet

This is how you become a living, breathing example of your purpose in the world.

First you fill yourself up with your own sense of purpose and passion, then - and only then - you can overflow your soul-centered message into the world and help others.

Your purpose and joy come first. Always.

Discover Your Purpose Now

Get your DIY Soul System™ and start living your purpose today!

A word of warning:

The Soul System™ is not your run-of-the-mill, antiquated process to find your purpose like you may have found in hundreds of self-help books before.

It is a cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind system that revolutionizes your understanding of purpose, so that you can hone in on your unique focus and take aligned, daily action to feel good now.

That means you won’t find answers in here like “You should be a nurse” or other generic, job-focused outcomes. Instead you will discover the over-arching aim of your life and how you can take action to feel your best - and feed your soul - right now.

This is a ZILLION TIMES more valuable than getting a simple career recommendation, because your purpose is bigger than any job, hobby, or phase.

It is WHO you are and HOW you are all the time, whether you are a working adult, functionally retired, or a teen just starting to wonder what to do with your life.

When you know why you are truly here and what your purpose really is, then you have the power to infuse your unique message into everything you do, turn even painful situations into empowering calls live your purpose more fully, and inspire others just by being you. Let me repeat that - just by being you.

Because YOU are the gift that makes a difference in the world. Not your job title - you.

It is time to discover who you really are so you can start becoming you.

Are you ready?

"This is a process like no other that I have come across - and I've tried a few - and it worked for me like nothing else has. I've learned more about my place in the world, and what I can offer in the last few weeks than I have in the last twenty years, and that means the word to me. "

Owner, Measure What Works

"This is such an intense, deeply life changing process. You should put up a warning, "Caution: May cause earth shattering discoveries"."

Systems Specialist

"I walked away feeling such clarity, as if my mind had been cleared of previous thought patterns and reset to my true mission, with strength and ease. Thank you, Alexis, for sharing your powerful life changing gift with me!"

Nurse & Wellness Coach

"I found it!!! My purpose!!! I know it's a work in progress and it's like peeling back an onion, but I feel closer than ever."

Chief Adventure Inspirer & Wellness Advocate

"It's freakin powerful stuff. I am only now embodying it more and it feels amazing. I am so excited about the shifts it's bringing in. Took me a little while, but what a gift and I really appreciate it. So I hope/trust you know how your work really stays with people and benefits them."

Meredith Yoga & Mindful Living

"This is a BIG THOUGHT.....but...I am beginning to BELIEVE I AM ME.. Alexis THANK YOU for doing what you do for all of us! It is so expansive and so empowering. I have a feeling that I am so much closer that I ever thought to a launch pad of my true life’s purpose...WOW!!!! "

Creative Coach & Catalyst

"You are honest-to-god the most talented coach I've ever worked with."

Founder, Sacred Branding

Discover Your Purpose Now

Get your DIY Soul System™ and start living your purpose today!


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