Award-winning strategist + soul activator Alexis Pierce presents...

Kiss your insecurities goodbye and finally take ACTION on your dreams!

- Get that book off your hard drive and published
- Start the business you've been dreaming about
- Ask for a raise & more!

In this 3-hour virtual workshop, you'll discover how to overcome your fears, doubts, and insecurity, so that you can trust yourself, feel confident, and take action on your dreams.

It's happening LIVE 3-6 pm EST, December 15th
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Does this sound like you...?

You get excited by a new idea, but then you procrastinate, get busy, or feel confused or overwhelmed by the next steps?

You have a BIG dream you want to create, but every time you decide to take action, your mind goes into overdrive:

What if I fail, get rejected, or look bad? 
I don't have the skills, talents, succeed

Maybe you haven't even admitted to yourself what you REALLY want because you don't want to be hurt and disappointed if it doesn't work out!


Here’s the truth: Your natural state is CONFIDENT and CREATIVE.


You were born to follow your intuition, expand into your potential, and create the magnificent life of your dreams.

But NONE of that can happen when your true inner voice of confidence and creativity is being drowned out by insecurity, fear, or self doubt.


It’s time to cut through the fear, break free from the grip of insecurity, and start creating your dreams with CONFIDENCE!


Join me for a 3-hour virtual workshop to overcome the habit of insecurity and claim your creative confidence.


During this hands-on intensive, you will discover:

 The real reason you’ve been holding back on your dreams.

 How to tell if you're procrastinating or preparing for the right time to take action

 How your go-to habits are blocking your success, plus how to break free from your old patterns to reclaim your natural state of confidence.

 The #1 mindset shift that will help you ditch your old, uninspired routine and step into your passion with courage and confidence!


This workshop will be a hands-on confidence ACTIVATION that will propel you into 2020 with clarity and passion for being YOU so that you can bring your dreams to life!


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About your host Alexis...

As a former strategist with the U.S. Government turned entrepreneur and writer, I've brought some BIG dreams to life ... and felt inadequate, worried I'll be discovered as a 'fraud', and scared of failure every time. 

During this workshop, I'll guide you through the same strategic process I've used to own up to my insecurities, step beyond my fear, and take action on my dreams, including...


✅Co-writing a play (with no background in playwriting) with a well-known screenwriter and Director

✅ Setting up a new office in 210,000-person Department with no credentials or previous experience

✅ Launching a soul-led business as a self-professed "non-business person"

✅ Moving to New Zealand and Australia alone

✅ Racing triathlons as a 'non-athlete'

✅ Getting up on stage to perform improv and getting paid for it

And more!


This workshop is interactive, so bring a pen and paper!


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