Authentic Peace

A rejuvenating retreat for your soul

with Alexis Pierce

November 30 - December 2

Allow for your rightness within

Beyond the busyness and worries of your mind, lies an eternal & authentic stillness. This is your true nature.

Join us in this nourishing weekend retreat to reconnect with the truth and wholeness of your soul.

You will be invited to sink into the perfection that you already are through guided meditation, personalized coaching, and group connection.

You’ll leave feeling renewed and centered in your natural state of ease, calm, and inherent rightness.

Soften into yourself with a weekend of...

Quiet reflection

Enjoy time for self-reflection and quiet exploration

Guided meditation

Let go of everyday stress and strain with softening relaxations

Deep connection

Remember who you really are and allow your truth to shine

You are already whole

Soften into allowing your truth to shine.

Over two nights and two-and-a-half days, you’ll explore what it means to accept, allow, and give permission for your inner rightness to be your prevailing energy.


Embrace your perfection

What happens when you don’t have to try?
What does it mean to both achieve and be?
Who are you if you are already whole?

You’ll be invited to go beyond conceptualizing these answers to feeling them - truly embodying your inherent wholeness and perfection.

Be supported

Then together, we will explore the barriers to living your truth daily. Each retreat member will have personal ’love seat’ time (optional) to share your unique challenges, confront fears, and be held in a space of growth, healing, and support.

You will leave with a renewed commitment to yourself, a new community of loving friends, and a deeper understanding of how to live your authentic truth with ease and joy.


the rush of insecurity, doubt, and indecision

Tune in

to your calm well of knowing within

Be seen

in your greatness by a loving community of truth holders


your inherent rightness and wholeness

"Inner peace is not something you do or a destination to get to. It is who you are."

The Authentic Peace Weekend Retreat is limited to 9 participants and runs

4pm Friday, November 30th - 3pm Sunday, December 2nd

You will enjoy periods of silence & celebration, as well as alone time & group connection.

Meals and accommodations are included. All meals will be vegetarian, and gluten & dairy free. 


Our Venue

The Authentic Peace retreat will unfold in the beautiful Kester Homestead in Memphis, New York. 

Resting on 10 acres of lush, wooded land, you can walk the grounds, reflect in the Woodlands Cathedral, or cosy up with some tea in the historic 1854 Guesthouse.

* all images by and owned by the Kester Homestead


The Authentic Peace Weekend Retreat is 4pm Friday, November 30th - 3pm December 2nd

Overnight accommodations are SOLD OUT. You can still join as a day retreat guest below.

The Artist: One king-sized bed - RESERVED
The Botanist: One queen-sized bed - RESERVED 
The Traveler: One queen-sized bed - RESERVED 
The Downstairs Bedroom: One full-sized bed - RESERVED

Overnight accommodations are $500 per person and include the entire retreat and all meals.
Want to share a room? Please contact me for pricing.


Can't Stay Overnight?

There are 3 remaining spaces for day retreat guests.

Day participants are expected to join for the entirety of the retreat, including morning meditation and meals.

The retreat begins 4pm Friday and ends Sunday at 3pm. 

To gift yourself peace and minimize distractions for yourself and others, please ensure you are present for the entirety of Saturday (7am - 9pm) and until closing Sunday.

Day retreat guests are $350 per person and include the entire retreat and meals. 


A yogi and self-professed retreat fanatic, I am beyond excited to offer the Authentic Peace retreat as an opportunity to soften into your true nature and inherent wholeness.

As a soul strategist & spiritual mentor, I help people discover and embody deep truth. It is my experience that the painful fluctuations of the mind and body - the stress, anxious feelings, doubt, and worry - arise when you disconnect from your truth. As you accept yourself, so you heal.

This retreat brings together all of my strengths – strategic insight, intuition, and 1000+ hours teaching yoga and meditation – to connect you with the knowledge, wisdom, and tools you need to feel your best and soften into your true nature of peace and joy.

I hope you will join me.


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